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Bizbee Insights Logistics is a cloud based Logistics Management Software in Dubai, UAE which is used throughout the Middle East Region.

Bizbee Insights Logistics Management Software in Dubai, UAE is designed to completely manage all areas of the logistics processses as well as the supply chain management activities.

Our Logistics Management Software in Dubai, UAE is designed to operate at the borders of the country to monitor trucks going in and out of the country. It helps in tracking based on Manifests / Drivers / Trucks. Bluesky Logistics Management Software in Dubai, UAE also helps to track freight locations. It helps to effectively manage flight cargo’s as well. It helps in better assignment & allocation of cargo’s as well. Right software for business growth through stability & integrity. Bluesky Logistics is seen as a seamless Logistics Management Software in Dubai, UAE because of its usability. It offers better integration with Enterprise Resource Planning Software as well.


Bizbee Insights Logistics Management Software in Dubai, UAE features:

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Bluesky Technologies’ Logistics Management Software has found a new home under the ownership of Bizbee, marking a significant shift in the product’s trajectory. Known for its robust functionalities and efficiency in streamlining logistics operations, this software has transitioned into Bizbee’s portfolio, signaling a strategic move in their marketing approach.

Under Bizbee’s wing, the software is poised to experience new avenues of growth and development. With a fresh perspective on marketing, the emphasis might shift towards highlighting its adaptability, user-friendly interface, and perhaps the integration of additional features to meet evolving industry needs. This change in ownership not only represents a shift in the product’s branding and marketing strategies but also signifies a commitment to enhancing its market presence and value proposition within the logistics industry.

Customers and stakeholders can anticipate updates and improvements to Logistics Management Software as it evolves under Bizbee’s ownership, all while enjoying the benefits of a marketing strategy that aligns more closely with Bizbee’s overall business objectives. This transition represents an exciting development in the life of the product, with the potential for positive changes and innovations in the near future.

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